Original Risographies

Experiments in Risograph printing

Original Risographies

A homage to Bruno Munari’s experiments with a Xerox machine, Original Risographies explores the potential of the Risograph duplicator as a tool for creating new images, as well as reproducing existing ones. Part manual, part investigation, the book contains 56 experiments, collected into chapters covering Reproduction, Scale, Density, Movement, Pattern, Texture, Layering and Colour.

Featuring visual contributions from An Endless Supply and Peter Nencini, Original Risographies also contains writing by Darryl Clifton and Adrian Holme that explore the theoretical implications of the theme of each experiment. The publication is held in a number of collections in the UK as well as the Watson Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Original Risographies was conceived, published and printed in collaboration with Studio Operative. Printed in an edition of 500.

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