Jones of Brockley

Identity for a family-run deli

The Bunhill Walking Map

Community-led wayfinding in Islington

City and Guilds of London Art School Degree Shows 2017

Identity for the Summer Exhibitions

Jones Regular

A monoline homage to the inscriptions of David Jones

City & Guilds of London Art School

Working with one of London's oldest Art Schools

Freedom From Torture

Ongoing projects for global human rights charity

For the time being

Identity for a programme of photo-performances

Lady Margaret Hall Settlement

Historic community charity in Lambeth

Original Risographies

Experiments in Risograph printing

Marketing Suite

Publication for Royal College of Art research group

Dunhill and O'Brien

Archiving 20 years of collaborations

Modern Props

A love story

Flat Time House

Noit–3, Tears Shared: Marc Camille Chaimowicz

Kinoko Store Lookbook

Chateau International


Accelerating Towards a Red Light

Exhibition identity

Kingsgate Project Space

Identities for artist-curated exhibitions

The Perryvale

Identity for a neighbourhood restaurant

Spitfire Audio

Identity, signage & wayfinding

The Kiss or Poison Boyfriend or Jesus' Blood

Publication for Kingsgate Project Space

Blackwoods Cheese Company

Handmade cheese, founded in London

Assembly Point Gallery

Back to the Things Themselves

Loose Fit Regular

Custom typeface for a furniture company

Ideal Science

Nine colour risograph printing

Sheppey Sans

A typeface based on found woodblock lettering

Billie Muraben

Arts and Culture Writer

City & Guilds of London Art School Shows 2019

Identity for the Summer exhibitions

City & Guilds of London Art School Shows 2018

Identity for the Summer exhibitions

From the Moon to the Sun

A two year intervention by Rosalie Woods

Sir John's Nose

Identity & packaging

Daniel Thomas Smith

Photography for fashion

Stuff Happens Here

Identity for community project in Sheppey

Drawing a Line Under Torture

Biennial art auction at the Bargehouse

Flat Time House

Noit–4, Reflections: Noa Latham

Lewisham Art House

Identity & website

Richard Slee, Means of Production

Monograph for a contemporary ceramicist

COS Standard

Internal magazine for stores nationwide

Pascal Display

A resampled typeface for Spitfire Audio

Everything is Sculpture

Investigating the production of sculpture today