Who is it for? What Should it do?

Airspace Gallery

Who is it for? What Should it do?

Airspace Gallery is a collaborative, artist-led project in Stoke-on-Trent. Since 2006 it has worked with artists and the local community with a particular focus on its location and the socio-political landscape.

As part of a larger project exploring the identity of Airspace in the wider context of Stoke-on-Trent, we ran a workshop with the public examining the variety of way that typefaces can tell us something about a place, a person or an organisation.

Starting with a series of research photographs of the local area, participants worked together to create a number of typefaces by using modular parts based on architectural details and embellishing skeleton letter forms with ornaments.

The final typefaces were used to produce a series of posters that re-articulated Airspace Gallery’s aims and ambitions as a public art organisation. These were displayed as part of the Public You and Me programme held at Airspace Gallery in June 2019.

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